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Accepted abstracts for G-I-N 2013

DECIDE will be strongly represented at G-I-N 2013 where the following abstracts have all been accepted. Well done to everyone concerned:

DECIDE WP3 (Callaghan, M.)

Public attitudes to and knowledge of healthcare guidelines, and methods to communicate guideline recommendations to this patients and the public – A Systematic Review (Loudon, K.)

Can we automatically produce generic decision aids for the clinical encounter directly from GRADE guideline recommendations? Experience from the SHARE-IT project (Work Package 1)

Documentation of intellectual conflicts of interests proved critical in a clinical practice guideline (Guyatt, G.H.)

How do clinicians like and understand trustworthy guidelines? Randomized controlled trial using clickers in educational sessions (Work Package 1)

The use of GRADE methods in the Worl Health Organization (WHO) Public Health Guidelines (PHG): distribution of strength of recommendations and confidence in estimates of effect (Guyatt, G.H.)

Experiences with the novel policy for managing conflicts of interest implemented in the 9th edition of the American College of Chest Physicians Antithrombotic Guidelines (AT9) (Guyatt, G.H.)

Guideline Development Tool (GDT) Web-based solution for guideline develpes and authors of systematic reviews (Brozek, J.) Accepted as short oral presentation and as a poster

Electronic multilayered guideline format: a novel structure and presentation of trustworthy guidelines at the point of care (Work Package 1)

Enhancing the Acceptance and Implementation of GRADE Summary Tables for Evidence about Diagnostic Tests (Mustafa, R.) Accepted as short oral presentation

Assessment of the evidence for diagnostic tests and strategies: A systematic review of available tools (Mustafa, R.) Accepted as short oral presentation

Making recommendations about diagnostic tests and strategies: what do experts say? (Mustafa, R.) Accepted as short oral presentation

Developing and evaluating communication strategies to support informed decisions and practice based on evidence (DECIDE) for health professionals (Alonso, P.) Accepted for Plenary Session 'Developing Implementable Guidelines'

A Systematic Review of Grading Systems for Medical Tests for Guideline Developers (Work Package 4) Accepted as a poster