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DECIDE meeting in Amsterdam (March 2015) is now full

The next GRADE and DECIDE meetings take place over 4 days from Wednesday 04 March to Saturday 07 March 2015 at the Hotel Casa400, Amsterdam. These meetings follow the same format as in previous years, i.e.:

Day 1: Wednesday 04 March: GRADE

Day 2: Thursday 05 March: GRADE (with afternoon covering the DECIDE project)

Day 3: Friday 06 March: DECIDE Consortium meeting (open to project partners, invited experts and GRADE). FULL

Day 4: Saturday 07 March: DECIDE Consortium meeting (open to project partners and invited experts). FULL

The DECIDE consortium meetings on Day 3 and Day 4 are an opportunity for the project partners to meet and discuss project progress and planning, and also to cover administrative and financial matters. *Please note that both days are full*

--- At the time of writing, there is limited space on Day 1 and Day 2 for the GRADE meetings. You can find contact information and other details at  email address: