DECIDE (2011 – 2015)

Developing and Evaluating Communication Strategies to Support Informed Decisions and Practice Based on Evidence

Key DECIDE tools

DECIDE was a 5-year project which ran from January 2011 to December 2015. It was co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. The project objective is "to improve the dissemination of evidence-based recommendations by building on the work of the GRADE Working Group to develop and evaluate methods that address the targeted dissemination of guidelines". Here are the key DECIDE tools developed in the project:

GRADEproGDT - GRADEpro Guideline Development Tool

Multilayered presentation formats for clinical practice guidelines

EtD - Evidence to Decision framework

iEtD - interactive Evidence to Decision tool

iSoF - interactive Summary of Findings table

Producing patient versions of guidelines - chapter 7 of the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) Public Toolkit

Electronic GRADE-based decision aid prototype

GET IT - Glossary


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Healthcare decision makers face challenges in understanding guidelines, including the quality of the evidence upon which recommendations are made, which often is not clear.  Guidelines are also typically developed as a one-size-fits-all package. By developing and evaluating targeted dissemination strategies, DECIDE's aim was to increase the use of evidence-based interventions in a sustainable way and to reduce the use of interventions where benefits are uncertain.


GRADE is a systematic approach towards assessing and communicating the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations. It has been developed to address the weaknesses of other grading systems and is now widely used internationally. The DECIDE consortium, which is composed of members of the GRADE Working Group, further developed this approach ensuring effective dissemination of evidence-based recommendations targeted at the key stakeholders (healthcare professionals; policymakers and managers; patients and the general public) who determine what happens in clinical practice. We collected stakeholder input from advisory groups, consultations and user testing. This wase done across a wide range of health systems in Europe. The targeted dissemination strategies that were developed have been evaluated in randomized trials, refined and used and evaluated with real guidelines developed by the DECIDE partners and other guideline developers that we support.


Dissemination strategies for recommendations that have been rigorously evaluated in diverse settings, support the transfer of research into practice, and are adapted to real-world healthcare systems.

Download the DECIDE final report. 


DECIDE International Conference

02-04 June 2014, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Scotland

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 258583.