DECIDE has developed a wide range of outputs including Evidence to Decision frameworks and interactive Summary of Findings tables. The DECIDE outputs have been packaged into the GRADE's official software GRADEpro GDT (  GRADEpro GDT supports the whole guideline production process, including the development and preparation of (interactive) Summary of Findings tables and Evidence to Decision Frameworks and other decision support tools.
GRADEpro GDT includes templates for presentations of research evidence and recommendations (including text, tables and, if appropriate, figures) developed in DECIDE, which can be tailored by toolkit users if required. The toolkit can be used to prepare evidence-based recommendations and supporting materials in English, German and Spanish. Support for Dutch, French, and Italian is being implemented. There is also training material in English, Dutch, French, Italian, German and Spanish. GRADEpro GDT allows users at different sites to collaborate on preparing summaries of evidence and sharing this information electronically in a database of evidence profiles.
  1. Guidelines 2.0: systematic development of a comprehensive checklist for a successful guideline enterprise ( (
  1. GRADEproGDT (
  2. Database of evidence profiles (
  3. GIN-McMaster Guideline Development Checklist (
What is happening now?
We, in the context of the GRADE Working Group activities, are going to continue refining the work produced in the DECIDE project.