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  • The DECIDE consortium meeting will take place on Wednesday 22nd to Thursday 23rd January 2014 in Barcelona, and will be preceded on the Monday and Tuesday by the GRADE meeting. This is the same format as Rome 2013, so will look like this:GRADE:                 ...
    August 16 2013
  • Sir Harry Burns, the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland has kindly agreed to open the DECIDE International Conference.  The conference will take place from Monday, 2nd of June to Wednesday, 4th of June 2014 at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh.  Conference details and the registration form are available by clicking on this link.
    July 17 2013
  • WP4 systematic review "Guidelines for guideline developers: a systematic review of grading systems for medical tests" has been published on Implementation Science. The provisional abstract can be viewed here:
    July 14 2013
  • Please be ready to sign up for the GRADE meeting on the Cochrane Colloquium website when it is posted in the next few days. The link will be circulated when it is available but please remember to formally register.
    July 1 2013
  • DECIDE has been notified about the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand’s 8th Health Services and Policy Research Conference which is being held in Wellington, NZ on 2-4 December 2013.   This is a prestigious event and an opportunity to see first-hand what is happening in health services research and health...
    July 1 2013
  • The DECIDE survey of policymakers recently published in Health Research Policy and Systems (HARPS) has already generated considerable interest and rapidly became classified  by BioMed Central as Highly Accessed.The article will always retain this tag on the list of published papers and the full text version
    June 19 2013
  • Work Package 5's manuscript on the stakeholder survey of policymakers' perceptions of the DECIDE framework has been published by Health Research Policy and Systems (HARPS) this weekIt has also been sent to the US National Library of Medicine for indexing in PubMed and archiving in PubMed Central.Policymakers’ and other stakeholders...
    June 4 2013
  • Planning for DECIDE's International Conference is under way. Further details will be available in the coming weeks and months. Please follow the links to Work Package 7 information from the left hand menu or click here
    May 20 2013
  • DECIDE will be strongly represented at G-I-N 2013 where the following abstracts have all been accepted. Well done to everyone concerned:DECIDE WP3 (Callaghan, M.)Public attitudes to and knowledge of healthcare guidelines, and methods to communicate guideline recommendations to this patients and the public – A Systematic Review (Loudon, K.)Can we...
    May 17 2013
  • The next DECIDE / GRADE consortium meeting will be held in Barcelona from 20th - 24th January 2014. Further details will follow when available.
    May 14 2013


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