Finnish Medical Society Duodecim

Finnish Medical Society DuodecimThe Finnish Medical Society Duodecim is the scientific society of Finnish physicians. It has had a major role in guidelines production for Finnish health care during the past 20 years. The two Finnish guidelines teams, the concise EBM Guidelines and the large, national Current Care guidelines, are both closely connected to Duodecim. During the past 5 years the guidelines groups have developed electronic decision support for guidelines implementation and started a randomized controlled trial on it in 2009.

Collaborator's Profiles

        AnonymousDr. Ilkka Kunnamo
Ilkka Kunnamo, MD, PhD is the founder of EBM Guidelines, currently editor-in-chief of its international version and a part time clinician. Ilkka Kunnamo also leads the EBMeDS electronic decision support programme in Duodecim.
     Photo of Helena Liira                Dr. Helena Liira
Helena Liira is a general practitioner and also served as adjunct professor at the Department of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Helsinki. Her own research has primarily been on respiratory tract infections and musculoskeletal disorders in primary care. For a number of years she was medical editor at Duodecim Evidence Based Medical Guidelines. Note: Dr. Liira has moved from Finland to take up the Chair of General Practice at the University of Western Australia.