The Sant Pau Biomedical Research Institute (IIB-Sant Pau)

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The Sant Pau Biomedical Research Institute (IIB-Sant Pau) is a research consortium under the leadership of Sant Pau Hospital and in affiliation with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. IIB-Sant Pau conducts research into basic and clinical science, epidemiology and healthcare services. Its mission is to manage, promote, develop and communicate research into the health sciences. Ten entities cooperate to perform high-level research with a staff of approximately 400 basic and clinical scientists grouped in 50 research areas.

The Sant Pau Hospital is a large teaching hospital with approximately 634 beds and 19 surgical wards. Is located in the city of Barcelona and every year admit as much as 34,000 patients and perform more than 150,000 emergency visits.

As an entity forming part of IIB-Sant Pau, the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre (IbCC) is based in the Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health Department (Sant Pau Hospital).  In the past years the IbCC has been deeply involved in the development and coordination of several clinical guidelines within a national program launched by the Spanish Ministry of Health as well as in joint collaborations with relevant medical societies. More recently these guidelines are developed with the most up to date methodology (the GRADE system).

The IBCC is also part of the CIBERESP, a stable cooperative research network made by different groups and joined in a consortium, to develop a comprehensive scientific project in the area of Epidemiology and Public Health

Within the Hospital, the Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health Department is part of the CAIBER, a national clinical research network of academic centers created to promote and develop clinical research, particularly multicenter clinical trials without commercial interest, in several thematic areas of social and medical relevance.

Collaborator's Profiles

Dr. Pablo Alonso
is deeply involved with groups of professionals working in the field of systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines. Coordination of several concurrent research projects with concrete and ambitious objectives. An active member of the GRADE working group for the last five years with extensive experience developing evidence summary tables and GRADE profiles.
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Dr. Ivan Solà
is a psychologist who has been developing guidelines for the last four years. Pioneered in Spain the introduction and use of the GRADE system.
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Dr. David Rigau
A clinical pharmacologist that has been developing guidelines for several years. Expert with the use of GRADEpro and have used it in guidelines at national level.
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Dr Xavier Bonfill and Dr Gerard Urrutia
Senior methodologists, have extensive knowledge and experience in systematic review and guideline development and dissemination. Dr Bonfill is the Director of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Center and Dr. Urrutia is the head of the clinical trials unit.
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Iberoamerican Cochrane staff